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Kenneth H. Fagg
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12 August 1988


My name is Kenneth H. Fagg and I am searching information for a Genealogy Book on the “Fagg” Family. Since the name “Fagg” is small in population compared to the names “Smith, Brown”, “Jones” and many others, most of use with the “Fagg” name are distant relatives, say within the past 200 years. I was born in Indiana and now live in North Carolina.

A cousin in Indiana and I have been researching several years for “Fagg” Genealogy. We have traced our direct line back to 1795 for James B. Fagg in Spotsylvania, Virginia. From Marriage Records in Spotsylvania, a James B. Fagg, born CA. 1795, married 22 December 1814 to Nancy Buchanan, born CA 1795 Spotsylvania. In 1818, a James B. Fagg witnessed a deed from Joel Fagg Sr., to Joel Fagg, Jr. in Rockingham, North Carolina. This information on property transfer is shown in Deed Book “S” Page 288.

James B. Fagg and Nancy had their first son, Granville born CA 1815 in North Carolina. Their other seven sons were born in Kentucky: James, Jr., Joel, Woodson, Milton, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Sanderella. Also, their were three daughters, but I have not located the names, yet.

The following information was recovered by searching Census Records.

1820 Casey County, Kentucky
James Fag
1M 26 to 45 1F 26 to 45
3M under 10 2F under 10

P. 2
1830 Casey County, Kentucky
James Fagg
1M 30-40 1F 40-50
1M 15-20 1F 15-20
2M 10-15 1F 5-10
3M 5-10
2M Under 5

1840 Vigo County, Indiana
James Fagg
1M 40-50 1F 40-50
1M 20-30 1F 30-40
1M 15-20 1F 20-30
2M 10-15 1F 10-15
1M Under 5 1F Under 5
James Fagg, Jr.
1M 20-30 1F 15-20

1840 Randolph County, Indiana
Granville Fagg
1M 20-30 1F 20-30
1M 0-5

The 1850 Census Records show James B. Fagg, Jr. and family in Shelby County, Illinois. Granville and Milton Fagg, with their families in Randolph County, Indiana; the other children of James B. Fagg, Sr. were still in Vigo County, Indiana. We could not find a trace of James B. Fagg, Sr. - his wife, Nancy, died in 1948.

P. 3
According to the 1880 Census Records for Shelby County Illinois James B. Fagg, Jr. had remarried, so we went to Shelby County and obtained a copy of the Marriage Certificate. James B. Fagg married on 25 May 1879 to Hannah (Seale) Hicks at Shelby County, Illinois. The marriage record shows James B. Fagg was born in Case County, Kentucky and lists his father a James B. Fagg, his mother as Nancy Fagg.

My line of the “Fagg” family comes through Woodson Fagg. He married Nancy Weese in 1847 Vigo County, Indiana. They had six children: John Milton, James Riley, Eyra Harrison, Elias, Ada B. and Rosetta. My line continues from James Riley Fagg, who married Minerva Higgins in 1870 Vigo County, Indiana. From this marriage came seven children: Greeman, (Alniesa)?, Stanford, Josephine, Frederick, Clarence and Clara. My direct line continues through Freeman Fagg, who Married Mary Ida Lidster in 1893 Vigo County, Indiana. They had six children: Cecil, Herbert, Mina, Clarence E., Fern May and Josephine. My father was Herbert Fagg, who married Florence Belle Felling in 1918 Vigo County, Indiana. From this marriage came: Kenneth H., Gerald, Dorothy, Belle, Hubert, Charles, John Wesley and James.

I married Nell Thomas in 1943 at Greenville, South Carolina. We have two children: Thomas Steven and Sheryl Lynn (Fagg) Hipp. Thomas live in Columbus, Georgia with wife, Sarah and son, Thomas Halley Faegg (Thomas changed Fagg to Faegg). Sheryl lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with husband John, Daughter Katy

and son Christopher.

I came through Liberty, Kentucky in September 1986, but had limited time for searching. So I checked for data like the Court House and Library. The tax records were not available because repairs were being made to the storage area. No “Fagg” information was recovered from the Courth House Records. Did not find any reference to “Fagg” at the library. While at the library, I scanned a book by W.M. Watkins (1967) “Casey County, Kentucky”. According to the book, Casey COunty was sparsley populated in the early 1800’s and poor records were kept. Also, education was not very popular with many people. The people in general mistrusted the Federal Government’s request for various kinds of information - they thought their taxes would be increased. Possibly, that is the reason it is difficult to recover data for 1820 and 1830 in Casey County. I thought it odd that a family could live in an area 12 to 15 years and not find evidence of their existence other than Census Records.

I Would Appreciate any information your group may have on the “Fagg” family. In case their is a known connection, I would pay for any reproduction of records. If someone wants more information from our Collection, we would be happy to provide it. Whether you all can give m,e any information or not, we will provide a copy of our “Fagg Book”, when printed, to the Genealogy Section at the Liberty, Kentucky Library.

Sincerely Yours,
Kenneth H. Fagg

1 *John Fagg (1719-1803) MD
1-4 *Joel Fagg (1755-1943) MD
1-4-3 James B. Fagg (1795-1864) VA
1-4-3-9 Woodson Fagg b.c. 1827 KY.
(M) 6 May 1870 d. 22 June 1887 Ind.
Nancy A. Weese b.c. 1825
d. 2 Aug 1909
1-4-3-9-2 James Riley Fagg b. 11 Nov. 1850 Ind.
(M) 21 May 1870 d. 10 Aug. 1925 Ind.
Minerva Higgins b. 3 Dec. 1841 Ill.
d. 11 Dec.1935 Ind.
1-4-3-9-2-1 Freeman Fagg b. 1 July 1971 Ind.
2(M) 16 Dec 1893 d. 16 Sept 1947 Ind.
Mary Ida Lidster b.
1-4-3-9-2-1-1 Cecil Fagg b. 27 Oct 1894 Ind.
(M) 9 Feb 1911 d. 19 Sept 1965 Ind.
Augusta May Felling b. 24 Dec. 1892 Ind.
d. 19 Mar. 1979 Ind.
1-4-3-9-2-1-2 Herbert Fagg b. 6 July 1896 Ind.
(M) 30 Sept. 1918 d. 13 Oct 1969 Ind.
Florence Belle Felling b. 28 June 1895 Ind.
d. 19 Oct 1969 N.C.
1-4-3-9-2-1-3 Mina Fagg b. 3 Mar 1898 Ind.
(M) 14 May 1919 d. 2 Feb 1983 Ind.
Roy William Taylor b. 3 May 1897 Ind
d. 30 June 1967 Ind
1-4-3-9-2-1-4 Clarence E. Fagg b. 15 May 1900 Ind
(M) 29 Aug. 1922 d. 1957 Ind
Florence Mae McClains b. 7 May 1903
1-4-3-9-2-1-5 Fern May Fagg b. 4 Sept. 1904
d. 6 Dec. 1918
1-4-3-9-2-1-6 Josephine Jeanette Fagg b. 26 Feb. 1910
(M) 27 July 1927 d.
Arley Sanford Long b. 16 Mar 1907

*Positioned from Circumstantial Evidence

1 * John Fagg (1719-1803)
1-4 * Joel Fagg (1755-1843)
1-4-3 James B. Fagg (1795-1864)
1-4-3-9 Woodson Fagg (1827-1887)
1-4-3-9-2 James Riley Fagg (1850-1925)
1-4-3-9-2-1 Freeman Fagg (1871-1947)
1-4-3-9-2-1-2 Herbert Fagg (1896-1969)
1-4-3-9-2-1-2-1 Kenneth H. Fagg 1919
1-4-3-9-2-1-2-1-1 Thomas S. **Faegg 1948
1-4-3-9-2-1-2-1-1-1 Thomas Halley Faegg 1986
1-4-3-9-2-1-2-1-2 Sheryl Lynn Fagg Hipp 1952
1-4-3-9-2-1-2-1-2-1 Kathryn Elizabeth Hipp 1979
1-4-3-9-2-1-2-1-2-2 Christopher Johnson Hipp 1983

*Positioned By Circumstantial Evidence

** Changed Fagg to Faegg

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